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Why Partner with Apple A Day Marketing?

Apple A Day Marketing is dental specific and exclusively contracted solely to the Independent Dentist Network

We will increase new patient enquiries through targeted campaigns. We know how important your online branding is – especially for those businesses located in remote Australia who can’t reach metropolitan audiences easily.

We are committed to growing your practice through our industry knowledge and suite of digital marketing services.

We live and breathe dental marketing!

Our specialist team have collectively accumulated over 30 years of industry experience.

Across Australia, from single consultants to multi-site practices, we have worked alongside a diverse range of practices to increase new patient enquiries and drive growth through leveraging the most effective digital marketing channels.

We also offer time saving Internet marketing management services and provide quality material to enhance your expertise and range of video posting options.

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Apple A Day Marketing

Our Promise To You

We are a first class dental marketing agency and we run campaigns that generate a positive ROI on the investment you make with us.

Our suite of digital marketing services include dental Web Design, SEO, Google Maps Ranking, plus Google Ads management and Social Media Marketing.

We learn about your clinic and goals directly from you, and work to design a campaign to suit your needs. From here, we provide access to a live dashboard, as well as regular reports and updates.

We also put our faces and names to our communications, meaning you will actually get to know the people working on your digital marketing.

When preparing content for your practices site we’ll send you a draft of that content so you can actually approve what’s going up. No surprises!

Apple A Day Marketing have a proprietary four phase plan phase which allows us to achieve results in Google in the most efficient and safest way possible for your site.

You will receive a monthly dashboard and report which covers the three most important things for your campaign: traffic, rankings and new patient enquiries

You can access your dashboard live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to see exactly where your campaign is at.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any locked-in-contracts?

Nope, we are strictly “all contact – no contract”. We aren’t interested in holding your practice back – we believe in the results we can get for you and great comms from our team allows for transparency around the length of your campaign and our commitment to work together on your digital marketing.

What’s the cost?

No cookie cutter campaigns here. We have discovered that the secret to success for Dentists in the modern landscape is to “Do everything”. This means you can’t just rely on referrals or being ranked #1 on Google for your suburb. However, we also understand the reality of owning a practice and not having unlimited resources. It’s why we have put together packages which utilise unique combinations of Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, referral programs, legitimate review enhancement and website design in order to fill the waiting rooms of clinics who are still establishing themselves through to those looking to keep the books full for 10+ consultants.

How long will it take to see results?

Honestly, it depends on the service you select. A website redesign could take a few weeks, SEO is more of a long game whereas a Facebook campaign designed to get the phone ringing can take off fast. What we can promise though is that from the outset we will keep you informed of our expectations and timeframes and make sure they align with yours.

How do you guarantee results?
Digital marketing can be fickle, so it is difficult to give a 100% guarantee… Based on our experience, specialisation and passion we can give a 99.9% guarantee of success.

To address the other 0.01% we offer a “Short Pay Guarantee” – if you don’t think we’ve earned it, then we invite you to short pay your invoice and let us know if we have let you down!

Are you working with my competitors?

No! We achieve top rankings for our clients, and we are unable to do so if we are competing against ourselves. Once you’re onboard, we won’t accept clients who want to rank for the same primary keywords and locations as you. This translates to only one practice per suburb.

Who will be working on my campaign?

One of our favourite things is getting to work closely with and getting to know our Practice Owners and Managers. You will very quickly become familiar with the names and faces of the team working on your campaign, as well as receiving their direct line and email.